Starting at $65/night

We cater to each pet as an individual!  

Rates (Monday-Thursday):

Low Energy Cats + Dogs 

$65 per night 

Medium Energy Cats + Dogs 

$80 per night 

High Energy Cats + Dogs 

$95 per night 



Service begins in the evening with a stroll after dinner, followed by a relief stroll before bedtime, breakfast and a morning stroll after wake-up song, and ends with an afternoon stroll (4 strolls total). 

Service includes the following
(for dogs 6+ months):

  • Fresh water & treats (or food upon request)

  • Playtime with toys

  • Crate cleaning & wee-wee pad replacement

  • An infinite supply of belly rubs and baby talk 

  • Training can also be provided with overnight stays. Please contact us for additional details.


Starting at $21 per half hour

Rates (Monday-Friday):

1 pet 
$21 per half hour

2 pets
$30 per half hour

Each additional pet
A surcharge of $5 per half hour / per pe


Puppy visits (for puppies not yet
up-to-date on vaccinations*) include:

  • Fresh water & treats (or food upon request)

  • Playtime with toys

  • Crate cleaning & wee-wee pad replacement

  • An infinite supply of belly rubs and baby talk

  • Training can also be provided at our visits. Please contact us for details. 

*We can offer your pup outdoor strolls if they are up-to-date on vaccinations. 

Cat visits include:

  • Fresh water & treats (or food upon request)

  • Playtime with wand toys, hide-and-seek toys, squeaky toys, chase toys, ALL the toys! 

  • Litter box cleaning

  • An infinite supply of whisker pets and baby talk

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​The NYS Sales 8.875% tax rate applies to all services.


There will be a surcharge for overnight sitting requested for 6 nights or more starting on the 6th night ($10 per night for 1 or 2 pets, $15 per night for 3 pets*). 

*subject to change based on pet(s) needs 

Additional charges apply to weekend nights

(covers Fri-Sunday: $10 per 1 pet, $15 per 2 pets, $20 per 3 pets). 


Last-Minute Requests/Cancellations for Individual Visits

There will be a surcharge of $10 for same-day requests sent after 10am or cancellations sent after 6pm the day before. Please note that individual visits cancelled within 2 hours of the requested time will be charged the full rate.

Last-Minute Requests/Cancellations for Overnight Pet Sitting

Cancellations made prior to 48 hours in advance will not be surcharged. Cancellations made within 48 hours of service are subject to a $25 cancellation fee for the first night and a $15 fee per night for remaining days of the stay. Cancellations made within 24 hours of service are billed full-price for first night and are subject to a $20 late cancel fee per night for remaining days of the stay. 

For requests, please contact us at least 72 hours prior to start date of services. There will be a $15 surcharge for Overnight Sitting needs booked after 6pm the day before. We pride ourselves on coming to the rescue and packing up everything we need so quickly, so we hope you understand.


A detailed invoice with the date(s) of visit(s) can be found in your DoTimely portal. You will be emailed the invoice, and it will be marked as paid once processing is complete, adjusting the balance on your account.

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Dogs are often misunderstood as pets who need a “dominant” owner and therefore need to be stern and tough. Well, those days are gone! Our training methods will prove that the essentials to have a happy, responsive, and mentally healthy dog are mutual understanding and communication. In other words, we’ll communicate with dogs in a way they will understand, not how we want them to understand.


We pride ourselves on using only positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs good problem-solving skills, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and to modify problematic behaviors. Parents will learn how to teach their pup both fun and critical commands smoothly & effortlessly, through rewards and play.

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Starting at $80 per lesson

Each course meets once a week for 45-minutes of training, a 10-minute puppy play session with body language descriptions, and a 5-minute recap of the following week’s expectations.

Courses & Rates:


For PUPPIES 5 months and younger:

  • Puppy Manners
    ​5-week course: $260 ($275 value)

  • Puppy Genius
    4-week course: $285 ($300 value)

For DOGS 6 months and older:

  • Basic Obedience
    5-week course: $285 ($300 value)

Individual Lessons:

$80 per lesson / no commitment


Starting at $390 for 6 sessions

We offer behavior modification for the following:

  • Resource Guarders (for dogs who exhibit warnings only)

  • Leash Reactivity (for dogs with no history of redirection behaviors)

  • Socialization
      - Fearful of dogs
      - Fearful of people
      - Desensitization to fast movements (children particularly)

  • New city dwellers fearful of loud noises and fast movements (i.e. construction, buses, skateboards, bikes)

  • Dogs fearful of certain household objects (i.e. baths, crates, leashes, vacuums)

  • Leash Biting / Jumping

  • Destructiveness

  • Potty Training


We treat each dog as an individual, so no one dog will be trained the same way. We’ll have a consultation session to identify triggers for their behavior(s), reaction times, motivations, and all possible options for addressing behaviors prior to establishing a modification plan (discounted video consultations available upon request for those outside of NYC). After our consultation, we offer two lesson options:


  • See Ya Later! (Pup and trainer alone)*
    Sessions will be 1-hour one-on-one with the trainer and the pup needing the training. The trainer will be able to target certain behaviors quickly, and shape them to how they see fit. Aside from detailed summaries, we then teach you everything we worked on during the previous lesson.
    *Subject to pet’s behavior.

  • Let's Do This! (Parents, pup and trainer)**
    We guide you every step of the way. We don’t just teach you what to teach. We show you how to modify your movements and handling so that you’re speaking “dog” to the fullest extent possible.
    **Extra $25 per session.

What's included?

Regardless of which program you choose, we’ll send you a detailed summary of every session. At the end of each week, you’ll receive a detailed training plan to follow, so that you’re able to consistently apply the material to your everyday routine. We’ll be checking in too!


Daytime: $70
Evening: $95


12 Sessions
$660 ($720 value)

4 sessions per week over 3-week course


9 Sessions
$540 ($585 value)

3 sessions per week over 3-week course


6 Sessions
$390 ($425 value)

2 sessions per week over 3-week course

*Structure subject to change based on pet’s needs.

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Fee Disclosure:
There is no money-back or training guarantee due to factors out of the trainer’s control (i.e environmental, owner consistency, medical factors, etc.) for any training services. If you don’t see results after the completed sessions, we will offer a complimentary 2-week post-training period (one session per week) — we believe in our training this much.


Additional rates apply if programs are requested during evening hours.



Service Disclosure:

Bites where dogs or puppies have caused bruising but no open wounds may be considered. For all cases, if available, we request pictures of injuries prior to consultation.


We cannot offer services to a puppy or dog under any of the following circumstances:

  • Extensive bite history (i.e. one bite that resulted in stitches, multiple bites that resulted in deep puncture wounds, bites where the dog wouldn’t release).

  • If we cannot identify appropriate discomfort/warning signals, or if the dog reacts without warning before, during, or after the consultation.

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