Founder & Lead Trainer


Hi everyone.


I was born and raised in Bayside, NY and moved to the Bronx after my undergraduate psychology studies from Fordham University with a concentration in Behavior. Before studying Behavior and Learning Theory, I dedicated much of my time tapping into the animal welfare community when I started The Animal Rights Association at St. John’s University — check them out!


After graduating, I've dipped my feet in various animal related fields like dog daycare, animal, training, retail, and animal sheltering. The behavior cases I worked with while sheltering prompted me to revisit training again.


This leads me to my current adventure. As Empire City Paws’ Lead Trainer, I help parents build trusting and understanding bonds with their pets. I look forward to providing your pups with the most customizable and descriptive training plans that you’ll love to follow and look back on.


When I’m not training pups, I love to read, write, learn, and wear many other hats such as resume transformer, behavior technician, and cat mom (my favorite).


Assistant Trainer

I'm a proud mom to a rescue Pitbull and three cats, volunteer with various groups (incl. ACC, Muddy Paws, Foster Dogs), and a foster parent with ACC and several local rescue groups - fostering dogs, puppies and kittens for well over a year now.  Last year I decided to take my passion for animals one step further and enrolled in Animal Behavior College to become a dog trainer. I'm happy to share I graduated in April! 

In addition to helping Alexa with reactivity cases, I'm currently an apprentice with a couple of other training companies where I help supervise puppy playgroups, as well as teach puppy and basic obedience classes. 

Side note: Empire City Paws did not take this photo of Anna, nor owns rights to it. 


Seasonal Pet Specialist

You know that friend you don’t see for a while, but when you do see them it feels like nothing has changed? Well, it’s the same when I greet my furry friends!


People say that before I even step through their door, their pets get so excited. The truth is, they’ve made a great impression on me, so I’m not sure who’s really more excited! As a dog mom to my shih-tzu Diva, I can’t help but talk to all the dogs (and cats) the way I talk to Diva: in the sweetest little angel voice that gives them that happy fuzzy feeling. No wonder neither of us can contain our excitement.


While I dedicate much of my time to my journalism studies at SUNY Purchase, I make the pups and kitties a priority when I’m back in the City for Winter and Summer break — after all that studying, they are just what I need to wind down.


I’m truly amazed by how strong of an emotional connection I’ve made with the Empire City Paws pet family, and look forward to making many more connections with future pups and kitties. I hope that even after I graduate, the furry fun doesn’t end!


Pet Specialist

Hello lovely pet lovers! 


I’m Christine, the proud mother of Buddy, my French Poodle Bichon of over 10 years and Kitana, an injured stray kitten I rescued and nursed to health about a year ago (pictured left). My animals are my pride and joy, filling my life with happiness and gratitude; truly I feel they are my babies. 


After graduating in June from Welding Studies, I dedicated much more time to my furry friends since I missed them terribly; playing with them more often, studying thier patterns and behaviors, walking them and teaching them new tricks. Everyone who knows me, knows I have an immense amount of love for all animals. 


After babysitting and walking several of my friend’s & family’s pets, I thought... Why not do it for a living? They helped me realize they were my purpose all along.  I look forward to doing what I love, for you, most! 

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