Inspiring A Dog-itude Mindset

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Hi, there! First of all, THANK YOU for paw-ticipating! Second, here's a short summary of a story I shared with my family at last year's Thanksgiving (2020)... There was a point in my life when I complained about every single thing.  So much so to the point where I lost sight of little things that matters, such as how much my pets loved me.  I was too busy complaining about random life occurrences (that don't even matter any more) that it took away time from reciprocating that love and gratitude to them!  That's time and love I'll never be able to share again. BUT, they say... You live and you learn! I hope my story inspires you to join this gratitude challenge (aka dog-itude) where you get to tell your story with 4 unique prompts :) Thank you again for pawticipating!!! Looking forward to reading about you and your pet's story!! Furever grateful, Alexa

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Alexa Alonzo
Alexa Alonzo

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